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Pharmacy and Medicines Law in Ireland

Weedle, Peter; Clarke, Leonie

First edition

Edited by Peter Weedle - community pharmacist and Adjunct Professor of Clinical Pharmacy at University College Cork, and Leonie Clarke - pharmaceutical consultant.

Opening with a detailed account of the historical development of Irish pharmacy and medicines law, this practical textbook covers all aspects of current pharmacy and medicines law in Ireland, including the landmark Pharmacy Act of 2007.

The following topics are also covered:

This useful resource is essential reading for Irish pharmacists in community and hospital pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland, pharmacy students and those coming to practise in Ireland from other countries. It will also be a valuable reference source for lawyers, public servants and anyone else who wants to know more about the regulatory framework for pharmacists and medicinal products in Ireland.


  1. Introduction
  2. Sources of Irish Law
  3. Historical development of medicines and pharmacy law
  4. Placing medicines on the market
  5. Manufacturing and wholesaling of medicines
  6. Advertising of medicines
  7. Prescription and control of supply of medicines
  8. Misuse of Drugs Acts and Regulations
  9. Poisons Acts and Regulations
  10. Veterinary medicines
  11. Methylated spirits legislation
  12. The Pharmacy Act
  13. Pharmacy Act-regulations and rules
  14. The pharmacy disciplinary system
  15. Liability of community pharmacists in negligence and for defective products

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